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Automated Rank Checking Blocked By Google

Posted on : 27-08-2008 at 0216 hrs
Author : Rif Chia

WebPosition Blocked by Google
Rank Checker

After years of threatening, Google has finally honor its promises to block automated rank checking softwares, webwares and plugins which consumes their computing resources.

As of 5th August, most of the automated rank checking softwares have reportedly failed in processing queries on Google. Lately, web applications such as and plugins such as Firefox Rank Checker are also experiencing the same problems when performing automated rank checking.

Now this led us into thinking how this move by Google will affect various group of people around the world.

Automated Rank Checking Software, Webware or Plugin Makers
Ever popular search engine software, WebPosition has also suffered under the hands of Google and now users are unable to check their rankings automatically in Google via WebPosition. In fact, Google has reportedly threatened to block WebPosition over the years and has even named WebPosition Gold in their SEO Guidelines as quoted :

Don't use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate our Terms of Service. Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Gold™ that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.

Replies from WebPosition Support stated that they are currently waiting for Google to review the situation and has no ETA as to when the problem will be/can be fixed. For the time being, it isn't wise to purchase the software due to uncertainities. In this case, makers of automated rank checking applications may suffer a temporary/permanently lose of revenue, loyalty support from users and even reputation. Is this fair to them? You decide.

Without the use of automated rank checkers, webmasters like us will have to manually go through search results to analyze the performance of our targeted keywords. This will go all the way back to the old days where analysis of keywords' research can take up to 2 days for a normal website. Isn't this time consuming?

SEO Consultants / Companies
Be it amateur or professional SEO professionals, analysis of keywords' performance is a constant process and sometimes a daily routine. As mentioned above, the manual method of checking SERPs rankings is tedious and time consuming and often or not, time plays a major role in performing search engine optimization. Without the automation technique, SEO companies will have to spend a lot more time in the generation of their monthly report and that APPLIES TO US too.

Clients of, please take note that an email regarding late delivery of monthly SEO reports has been sent out. Until things are sorted out between Google and the application makers, we will have to manually tabulate each monthly report. We apologize for any inconveniences caused.

Google's Ripple Effects
Look at the groups of people that gets affected in this situation. I believed that there are much more different groups that will also be affected in some ways and this sums up to : A small stone can cause a major ripple effect.

Tags: Google, SEO

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