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Website Usability Analysis

High bounce rate is resulted when visitors leave upon landing on the first page. If that happens, it is likely that you have problems with your site's designs, navigation structure, content or call to actions.

Analysis of a web site's usability is the process of identifying and eliminating obstacles that prevent site users from achieving their objectives. By removing the obstacles, it will boost the conversion rate and improve the bounce rate of a site. This service is one of the most cost effective option to double the lead conversion and click throughs of a site.

     Site Usability Analysis Services

Site Assessment

The Site Assessment service is to determine problems faced by sites that lead to performance issues such as:

  • Low Traffic Volume
  • High Bounce Rate
  • Poor Conversion Rate
  • Poor Click Through Rate

Our analysis focuses on issues such as:

  • Speed and Loading Time
  • Usability and Navigation
  • First Impressions
  • Site Credibility such as Privacy Policy, etc
  • Site Persuasiveness
  • Site Functionality

Our Site Assessment Service also provides proven solutions and recommendations which enable you to start improving the performance of your web site immediately.

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