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The Importance of Web Analytics

Our Web Analytics Service is the study of online users' behaviour pertaining to our client's site and its industry with the objective of achieving better site performances which may include conversion rate, click through rate, bounce rate, etc

Web Analytics is mainly divided into two components: Off-Site Analytics and On-Site Analytics.

     Web Analytics Services

Off-Site Web Analytics

Our off-site web analytics component is the research and analysis of external factors that are co-related to our client's website and its industry which include the measurement of potential audience, its visibility and social media buzz surrounding client's products or services.

On-Site Web Analytics

Our on-site web analytics component is the measurement of a visitor's journey upon landing on our client's website which include the followings:

  • Number of Visits V.S its Bounce Rate
  • Percentage of Exit from individual pages
  • Visitor Loyalty
  • Time Spent on site
  • Depth of Visits
  • Traffic Sources and their performances
  • Geographic Locations of Visits
  • Repeat Visits V.S New Visits
  • Page Views
  • Top Contents / Landing Pages' Performances
  • any many more measurements

The set of comprehensive data will then be compared against key performance indicators and used to improve the performances of a website and its online marketing efforts which may include the followings:

  • Are the keywords of a PPC campaign driving quality traffic and leads?
  • Which are the low performance keywords that should be removed?
  • Are the landing pages effective?
  • Is that particular banner ad driving in quality traffic?
  • Which are the landing pages with relatively high bounce rate?
  • Which are the pages with high %Exit rate?

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